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Howdy, I am Ashley I am a crazy,life loving Irish , Leo. Born August 4TH 1987. I am married . I was born with scoliosis which is a form of Muscular Dystrophy, i am on a ventilator 24/7 and i have a trach, but i dont let that stop me. I love photography, graphic design, digital scrap-booking, and I can be a super, fantastic, randomly sarcastic person that just loves to have fun.
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Video Game Wishlist 2013
  1. Epic Mickey 2
  2. Wipeout 1, 2, or 3
  3. Disney Uverse
  4. Deblob 1 or 2
  5. Create
  6. Thrillville: Off the Rails
  7. Looney Tunes Acme Arsenal
  8. Brave
  9. Lego: Indiana Jones
  10. Sim City Creator
  11. Mad World
  12. Fling Smash
  13. Sims 2 or 3
  1. Assassins Creed 1,2,or 3
  2. L..A Norie
  3. Alice: Madness Returns
  4. Heavenly Sword
  5. Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse
  6. Split Second
  7. Naughty Bear
  8. Dante's Inferno: Divine Edition

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The Extreme Update: p2 - Short n Sweet
Well i was sent home the Friday before Christmas.  Got to spend some time with my nieces and my sisters. Had 2 wonderful dinners, one fore Christmas eve the other Christmas Night. Robert and i were given a Poloroid tablet for Christmas. And my sister gave me a vintage Ramones shirt which i find really awesome. It has the vintage logo on it. Said she had to fight for it at the mall on Black Friday. The early morning of the 27 my Ginger gave birth to 8 puppies. She had 4 males and 4 females. Alough we just recently lost the Runt of the litter early this morning, i guess her little body just  couldnt take it. So i am a little depressed by what happened since i was going to be keeping her. Guess ill pick one of her brother or sisters out. Ive already got a few homes lined up for a  couple of them. Which makes me insanely happy that they will be going to wonderful loving homes.

We dont really have any plans as it stands right now for New Years, we will probably stay home. And have people come over here if i can manage it. I dont wanna spend it doing nothing.

The night everything happened with the power and my collapsing, my dog Lucy figured a way out of the back yard and ran off. There is no sign of her around here any more. I was given the news Christmas eve, when i went looking for her to say hi. I am heart broken, she was my baby, my sanity when living out in Arkansas with my dad and husband. .I just hope someone took her in and loving to her. Because she is one of the best dogs ive had. And ive had a few dogs.
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The Extreme Update: p1
I can only imagine what you all must think, since i last updated.  Anyone following on Facebook knows at least part of what is has been going on. First off i must say, thank you so much for all the prayers and constant support i have received. You will never understand how much it actually helps, and what a huge comfort it is to see someone cares about you when your truly at the bottom.

So here is what happened. Remember i was discharged on Dec 13th with meds, and a fresh trach change. Well things weren't going right from the start, the doctors at the er had prescribed Oxycontin, and only enough for 5 days. Along with some other meds, well not only did my body go into serious withdraws from the pain medicine when i ran out, i also started to develop an allergic reaction to something. I cant even begin to describe how that all felt, all i will tell you is i don't wish that shit on anyone, and if you know anyone that even considers doing that shit warn them off of it. No one in there right mind should go through that. Anyways, so i was dealing with that shit, trying to be comfortable and keep up with trach care. Saturday night, we had a black out on our block, that meant no power for my oxygen or my ventilator on top of dealing with everything else for 4 and a half hours. Our neighbors across the street blew up there generator trying to get us power. Shit was just hitting the fan left and right. Finally around dawn power came back on, and i wasn't doing so well. So my mom and i thought maybe replacing the inner cannula to the trach might up my breathing some. In the space of exactly 30 seconds my entire world went wild.

I started to choke, and collapsed to the ground in front of my mother.As she pulled me up into her arms i struggled to breath, my heart barely pumping. Robert was rushing around trying to get the ventilator to work or something thinking that was what was wrong. So here is where things get to be a bit to close for comfort, by anyone's standards. I had what you would call an out of body experience. I shit you not. I was not, but i was if you know what i mean. I felt my heart stop, yet i was still speaking to my mom. I just kept saying, I love you, to everyone, and that i was still here. Sounds were muffled shit was just a blur after about a minute, or so. Then i felt my self roughly hauled up and thrown onto a stretcher. I was taken to the nearest hospital. Where they pounded on me like African war drums to make sure i was coming back. I did wake up in the emergency room, long enough to assure my mother and Robert i was in fact a still alive. I do not remember any of the next 3 days. I can make out bits and pieces of family and nurses. Not to mention needles and shit. I know there have been a few posts that are complete and utter gibberish, i can only say i was on morphine and had my cell phone.

I think i am gonna let you all absorb this update and then post my part 2.

btw, i would really think it would be kick ass if i could have a custom icon made that says " when life kicks, kick back"  its my new motto. i dont care how its made if its animated, i just want it to look bad ass, if you want a photo for it let me know. tag it with abw. please.

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Huge favor!!!

Could some one make me a beautiful fb banner that that says I ill be home for Christmas if only in my dreams. Pretty please!!!!!

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Robert is my husband. He was born in Fayetteville, AR on Sept 13th 1983. He loves to fish, camp and drive the back country roads. He also loves riding motorcycles and calling me baby. He is my best friend, my life savor, i dont know what id do without him.

We met on 10/17/2009 he was such a charmer, & naturally i fell hard for him, we got married 03/27/2010 .We both have our little eccentricities but we make it work.